North Carolina has NOT ratified ERA. After 45 years, the NC bill remains buried in committee.

As we celebrate Women’s Equality Day on August 26th, let’s also encourage our North Carolina legislators to pass the ERA. In 2020, we hope to celebrate both the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment and, ERA, the newest constitutional amendment. North Carolinians need to add their voices to help complete this unfinished business!”

-Cherrie Wheaton and Jane Terwillegar, Co-Presidents, American Association of University Women of North Carolina

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EQUAL RIGHTS Update: The ERA and Title IX By: Christina Shaman

……“When the news came out that DeVos was both planning to roll back protections [on Title IX] and spending her time discussing the law and its nuances with hate groups rather than with survivors, we were outraged,” Jahangiri said. “Unfortunately, we have an administration that’s hell bent on targeting the most vulnerable young people.”

But things would not be so scary for Hampsey if she were protected by an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), at least not according to the National Organization for Women (NOW), which states on its website that the ERA would “make it significantly more difficult to roll back progress on women’s equality.”

By: Christina Shaman

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OPINON: The deafening silence on an Equal Rights Amendment

BMN 122916 Roberta Madden

“Not so in North Carolina, where numerous measures languish in the House or Senate Rules Committee for months, never to be heard. Now the legislators have decamped after six months, but not before hearing from hundreds of concerned citizens about the Equal Rights Amendment and other important issues. Nevertheless, the Rules Committees stubbornly refused to hold hearings or even to consider the ERA, which had met the same ignominious fate in the 2015 legislative session.”-Roberta Madden

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New ERA initiative begun by actor Kamala Lopez

Kamala Lopez, writer and producer of the movie Equal Means Equal writes:

Women in the U.S. don’t have equal rights.

Yup. No equal rights in the U.S. Constitution. The Equal Rights Amendment never passed.

This means that women currently don’t have a constitutional right to equal pay, pregnant women and new mothers don’t have the right to job security, and domestic violence survivors don’t have the right to police protection. Laws can be overturned: a constitutional amendment is the only guarantee that carries over from one generation to the next.

Many Americans don’t know the ERA never passed, or what it even is to begin with.  They don’t know that the battles we fight everyday — for equal access to education, pay, and health care — would immediately become obsolete if women’s rights were protected by the Constitution.

This is why we joined the fight with Equal Means Equal: we’re forming a strong collective of Americans that are dedicated to securing our rights for future generations of women and girls—and we’re not backing down. We’re coming together, to pool our power and provide Americans with the information and tools they need to get the ERA passed.

We are 95% of the way there, but we need everyone to join the fight to pass the ERA. We need your help to make history. We need to be in this together.

Can we count on you to send the message loud and clear that it’s unacceptable that our constitution doesn’t guarantee equal rights for women—that our government must do something about it ASAP?

Join the fight at

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Equal Rights Amendment backers urge movement on bills at NC General Assembly They plan to sweeten the action with cookies and personal stories June 7th

 Durham, NC – The Equal Rights Amendment North Carolina Alliance is holding an “I Love the ERA” event at the North Carolina General Assembly on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 2 p.m. In an effort to alert the members of the House and Senate Committees on Rules of the importance of HB102 and S85, participants will distribute heart-shaped cookies and literature, and share why they feel the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) should be ratified.

The ERA is a Constitutional amendment affirming the legal equality of the sexes that simply states: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

 Congress passed the amendment in 1972, but the bill received only 35 of the necessary 38 state ratifications by the deadline in 1982. However on March 22, 2017, the state of Nevada determined the amendment could still be legally viable and ratified the ERA, making it the first state to do so in 40 years and accelerating the nationwide push for the final two ratifications.

The two bills for ratification of the ERA were introduced in the NC General Assembly in February; they were sent to the House and State Committees on Rules, where bills frequently expire without being considered or voted on. With the General Assembly currently moving to shorten this year’s session, our hope is to draw their attention to the need to pass bills out of committee and inform the members about the issue of the ERA in general.

Gailya Paliga, President of NC National Organization for Women, noted that the Constitutional amendment would strengthen existing laws intended to prevent gender discrimination and assist courts in negating the effect of laws that hurt women and their families. “Bad laws are only meeting their match in the courts,” Paliga says. “Often it is federal courts which are stopping bad laws, but unfortunately the courts aren’t undoing the damage done by bad laws such as pay and pregnancy discrimination.”

“I support the ERA because I believe it gives a strong constitutional basis for nondiscrimination and the preservation and development of women’s rights,” says Emily Hagstrom, a Public Policy and Political Science major at UNC Chapel Hill, who will participate in Wednesday’s event. Without the ERA, Hagstrom says, “I feel like my state views women’s desire for equality as an extreme, irrational and foolish claim, and does not value my life.”

Using cookies for this event is in reference to an incident in 2013, when former Governor Pat McCrory handed pro-choice demonstrators cookies while they were protesting the infamous ‘Motorcycle Vagina Law.’ McCrory’s gesture was questioned as being patronizing. Our gesture is intended to demonstrate to the members of the House and Senate Rules Committees that the women of North Carolina don’t want a cookie and platitudes; they want true legal equality in the United States.

Gloria Thomas, director of the Carolina Women’s Center, says ratification of the ERA is essential. “ALL women deserve equality of rights under the law,” she says. “Once enacted, there can be no confusion about and justification for unequal treatment of women. When cases are brought before judges at any level, there will be no misinterpretation of laws to perpetuate such treatment. Simply put, equal means equal.”


About the ERA-NC Alliance:

The ERA-NC Alliance ( is a non-partisan, non-profit organization seeking ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. constitution. Membership is open to individuals and organizations committed to ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Lead organizations include the American Association of University Women of NC, Democratic Women of NC, League of Women Voters of NC, NC4ERA, NC Business and Professional Women, NC National Organization for Women, NC Women United, Ratify ERA- NC and the Women’s Forum of NC. The Alliance operates in direct collaboration with the national ERA Coalition (

For more information contact: Audrey Muck,, 336-480-1947

Copyright © 2017 ERA-NC Alliance, All rights reserved.
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ERA Advocates send 13,728 Messages to Legislative Committee Members

=From the state NOW Legislative Report:


Both ERA bills S85 and H102 remain unheard in their respective Rules Committees. However, significant progress was made in lobbying efforts by organizations with an interest in the passage of the ERA. AAUW leadership reports that to date, 275 individuals have sent emails to the Rules Committee members of both chambers, resulting in 13,728 total emails sent. Anecdotal reports indicate that numerous contacts have been made to the offices of Sen. Bill Rabon, Rules Chair and Tim Moore, Speaker of the House. Advocates are calling for the ERA bills to be reassigned to appropriate committees to be heard.

The General Assembly is currently working to truncate this year’s session, additionally diminishing the chances that the bills will be heard this session. Therefore, the date for the June advocacy action, Cookie Drop, has been moved forward from late June to early June. NC4ERA is joining ERA-NC Alliance for the “I Love The ERA” Cookie Drop on June 7, 2017 at 2:00 pm at the legislature.  Participants will distribute heart-shaped cookies and educational literature on why we love the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

“I Love The ERA” Cookie Drop Event Details—A Successful Action

The ERA-NC Alliance is asking for volunteers to distribute the literature and cookies.

Date: Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Time: 2:00-3:00pm

Where: NCGA 16 W Jones St, Raleigh, NC 

Gather in the 1300 quadrant.

RSVP to help:  (optional, but will help with planning):

The ERA-NC Alliance is excited to welcome Kennedy Bridges and Marge Wright as summer interns with the ERA-NC Alliance. They began working with the Alliance on May 22nd  and will serve as Action Team Facilitators through July 14, 2017. The internship program is sponsored by the Moxie Project affiliated with The Carolina Women’s Center at the University of Chapel-Hill.


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What is going on in NC with the ERA?

Valentines Day 2017 the Equal Rights Amendment was introduced to North Carolina State Legislature by Senator Floyd McKissick, Jr., and Representative Carla Cunningham. We beckoned folks to celebrate Equality by supporting the ERA to show love for their partners. Over 100 citizens made their way to Raleigh the State Capitol to meet with their representatives to speak on behalf of this movement towards equality on Women’s Advocacy Day. We have called, we have emailed, hand written letters and postcards, we have had a very vocal meeting in the Legislative building, filling the available seats in the House, yet the Chairman of the House Rules Committee David Lewis has yet to acknowledge H102, same goes for the Senate side Senator Phil Berger President Pro Tempore have yet to call S85 to hearing.

The ERA would have had to wait till 2019 to be introduced again if it weren’t for Senate Resolution 676 rule 41, which states that any Constitutional or NC State Constitutional Amendment is exempt from cross over deadline from the House to the Senate (which was April 27, 2017)  This is wonderful news, yet we are not sure if our Legislators in the House Rules Committee would have simply let the ERA “die” with out knowledge of the allowance made by the Senate to let the bill continue to have the ability to be called to hearing. 

So it is still alive, our main enemies remain to be ignorance and apathy. So we must educate each other! Ratify ERA-NC is working closely with the ERA Alliance to build a “tool kit” on making local city and county resolutions(ten have already passed resolutions in 2016 &2017)  in support of the ERA which can then use the city’s lobbyist in Raleigh to make statements on our behalf and teaching constituents how to communicate with their reps as well. A valuable tool in the kit is the film Equal Means Equal, a documentary by Kamala Lopez highlighting the history of the ERA it’s importance and relevance is becoming more clear now than ever before.

Why is the ERA more important today than ever before? Because the funding for many programs that support woman and their families are being compromised by our current head of state. We are seeing cuts to family planning groups and funding that may be potentially pulled from the Violence Against Women Act , which was already defunded from $460 million in fiscal 2016 to $155 million in fiscal 2017.  We can no longer stand by while our families and our neighbors families are devalued, we are all human we all need basic things to remain healthy and continue to evolve as a cohesive society striving for peace. This is what we all want for our families and this common goal can not be thwarted, not by terrorists at home or overseas this is a universal goal for all working class people. We are being made to work harder with the cost of living increasing, from food, housing, education and transportation yet we still pay over 50% of the population less than folks with the same qualifications for the same work. Our current laws do not protect youth held in dangerous circumstances from being charged with prostitution contradicting other laws which state those same children are not of age to consent to sexual acts with adults. The injustice goes on yet we no longer stand by unaware. Don’t be distracted by the false seperation being drawn between working class people by those who control the media, do not give in to fearing the ‘evil other’ LOVE is all that will unite us and make room for us to respect our lives and each other’s.


Make a testimonial video recording or send a note telling folks why we need the ERA to be passed! Tag #ERANOW #NC4ERA #RatifyERANC #EqualMeansEqual

Engage your communities and reach out to us for support! We are all affected by the state of things and we all have a choice to stand by apathy or to stand up for truth and justice! 

If you wish to get involved please email:

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Thanks to Blue Ridge Times for sharing our screening of Equal Means Equal!

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Truthout Article on New ERA Efforts in NC, Elsewhere


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